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  | Are You Ready For Online High School?

Explore our creative interactive online learning program for students in grades 9-12 with Smart Schools. Whether you are interested in individual high school courses, homeschool courses, or more, our online education platform meets a wide range of student needs. Smart Schools curriculum includes core, world language, electives, advanced, and trade courses. We are fully accredited by Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSACESS), and our private school is affordable and provides the most flexible experience for any learner. And the best part is you can learn anywhere and any time, 24/7.

| How Does Smart Schools Work?

Smart Schools students master their courses based on their learning needs. With regular online lessons (that can be tailored), dedicated teachers, and mentor calls, we provide multiple avenues for students to check in and ask questions. Whether students follow a traditional school year schedule or a more flexible self-paced schedule, we are always available.

We are founded on the belief that every student has the ability to graduate high school. We have made your goal of attaining your high school diploma within reach. We do this through personalized instruction, individualized mentoring, excellent curriculum, and flexibility. Additionally, we have opportunities in place to accelerate your credit-earning potential with programs like work-based learning (elective credit for working), test outs, and pretesting. Ask us more about these programs today!


Our Curriculum

Smart Schools has an award-winning high school curriculum which includes a variety of core, world language, elective, and advanced courses.







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Student Club

Smart Schools offers a Student Club for high school students that meets both online and in person (depending on your state). This club is available to any Smart Schools student, current and alumni. This extracurricular activity is designed to help the student experience, as well as help to prepare them for future endeavors. In our club, students can collaborate, receive helpful tips and practices, plan events, play games, and listen to guest speakers. 

Choose Your Program

Smart Schools offers high school students the ability to balance unique family and educational needs. Select your program below and get ready to start! If you’re looking for a program out of the country, click here.

Smart Flex Program

  • A flexible online option for high school students

  • Enroll in one or more classes

  • Create your own schedule

  • Traditional track or accelerated track (complete classes when you master them)

  • Live instructor when taking an exam

  • Transcripts and report cards

Smart Home Program

  • Enroll taking core classes

  • Enroll in one or more classes

  • Create your own schedule

  • Traditional track or accelerated track (complete classes when you master them)

  • Transcripts and report cards

  • Self-paced