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HomeSchool Academy

Flexible, affordable, non-profit

With Smart Schools HomeSchool Academy, you aren’t just homeschooling-you are transforming your home into an accredited private school. Here are a few reasons why you should make SSHSA your educational choice.

Our Online Homeschool Approach

  • Our 6-12 grade program is fully accredited through MSA-CESS and Accreditation International.

  • Student can access their textbook online from anywhere

  • Students learn at their own individual pace and on their own personal study routine.

  • Our smart team works alongside each student and parent or guardian to provide exceptional support

State-Certified Teachers

  • State-certified teachers in each course regularly interact with students via live chat, email, discussion forums, and more.

  • Students — and parents — are encouraged to speak with teachers and academic advisors online, by email or by phone.

  • At enrollment, your child is assigned a mentor who is always there to answer questions, address personal concerns, and give advice and guidance.

SSHSA is Flexible, Affordable and Accredited

  • Competitively priced, monthly tuition that lets you start right away with a small deposit. We make it easy to get your child started in the SSHSA online homeschool program.



Why Smart Schools

Study 24/7 | 5 month average program\


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I absolutely enjoyed everything about Smart Schools. If I had to choose one thing I enjoyed, I would have to say I love how my mentors care for the students and ae always ready to help.

- Amanda


Smart School HomeSchool Academy is an affordable online high school diploma program. 

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