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School Partnership

School Partnerships – A customized solution to meet your school’s needs

Smart Schools offers solutions to public, private and alternative schools.  Thousands of high school students have completed courses with us, enriching their education through our online mastery-learning experience.

Enrolling a Student

Students who complete our online courses develop important life skills such as self-reliance, critical thinking, persistence, organizational, accountability, and time management. Schools can opt to have parents enroll their students online and pay tuition directly to Smart Schools by automatic debit (ACH) payment or credit card payment. Parents can enroll their student in individual courses online any time of year. Parents are encouraged to obtain course approval from a school official to ensure that completed course credit will transfer back to your school.

Public and private schools that have a Partnership Agreement with Smart Schools can opt to enroll their students and be invoiced for the tuition. Contact us at 844-467-5278 if you would like to discuss a partnership agreement.

enrolling more than one student

Public and private schools can opt for a Partnership Agreement and enroll students directly. The school will be pay the tuition based on a per seat bases per year. Call our Orientation Counselor at 1(844)467-5278, M – F  from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Arizona. We can customize a blended learning or dual diploma program tailored to your students needs and develop a customized course registration form with your pre-approved course offerings.

once a student is enrolled in a course

Students will be emailed a welcome letter and instructions for beginning their course within 24 hours of receiving their enrollment registration and tuition payment. All new students complete a simple “New Student Orientation” and can begin their course work immediately.

A designated school counselor will receive weekly progress reports so that you will be able to monitor student participation and progress.