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| Student Stories

Read our student stories and decide for yourself if you want to sponsor them and help them complete their high school education. They are all written by the students and offer a brief look at who they are and why they want to finish high school and get their diplomas.  These are only a few of the students who we are helping, We have others who need sponsors and we would be happy to share their stories with you. Thank you for your time and interest in helping!

Native American 

I am 27 years old, I am Native American, and I reside in Arizona. I originally come from the Navajo Nation. I was raised by my grandmother, who still supports me to this day.
In 2006, I was supposed graduate from high school, but around that year my mother had passed on. I was in deep depression. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I didn’t want to talk to my friends or even family. Basically I was just miserable and wanted to shut myself out from the world. My grandmother who had raised me tried convincing me to finish my studies. But back then I was so stubborn. So eventually, I just dropped out of high school. And that was it, I never went back or I never made the effort to continue my education.
So now that I can’t find a job or go on to college without a diploma, I’ve decided to fulfill my high school diploma after almost 10 years. After putting in so much time and effort submitting applications for jobs and then just getting rejected, I felt like getting a job without a diploma was impossible. And I also had my mind on going back to school for billing and coding. But schools need a diploma. And I’m ready to take on these courses and get finished and move on to better alternatives.
When I get my diploma I want to go on to school for billing and coding. And I want a better paying job so I don’t need to worry about important adult life things as much as I do now. I already see myself sitting at a computer doing medical obligations. Well, thanks for your time.

Growing up in Africa

I was born in the city of Uvira in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the time I was born things were very unstable in my country. There was fighting and war everywhere. When my mother was a child our city was safe, but by the time we arrived things were different. Everyone lived in fear. Fear of attacks, fear of rape, fear of the unknown, fear of the government, almost everything was corrupt and broken. Many people fled our city for other countries. We tried to stay but the fear became too intense and we fled also. I was very young at this time, around three years old.
My family fled to a refugee camp in the country of Tanzania. Life in the camp was very difficult. There was never enough food, water, or electricity for everyone. It wasn’t what a home should be like but we made the best of it. We survived in the refugee camp for almost 12 years before being blessed enough to come to America. I knew that coming to America would give my family and me a chance at an education.
I worked as hard as I could in traditional high school and now I am left with just a few credits until I can graduate. Getting a second chance at a high school education would mean the world to family and I. I now have a one year old daughter who I love dearly and finishing my high school degree would allow me to go on to college and seek a career that would help provide a quality life for her. I want her to have the stability and opportunities I never had growing up in Africa. Having an education will also allow me to earn money to help my family and friends who are still suffering in the refugee camp and back in our home country. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

38 Year Old Mom with 5 Children

Hi, I am 38 years old . I dropped out of high after I had my first child. I was only 16 years old and had to work and raise my son. My parents helped me out in the beginning and then told me I had to learn responsibility. So working and going to school was really hard on me with a baby at home. Trying to do homework wasn't easy with a baby, so I dropped out of school and I regret doing so. I now have 5 children. I was married for 11 years and got a divorce 2 years ago, so am kind of a single mom. I met my fiance almost 5 years ago. He is the best thing that has happened to me and my children. He has supported me through some rough times, I lost my dad 4 years ago and he was there for me. He was the one to support me and my children until he got hurt at work and became disabled. So now I also take care of him on top of the children. He has a spinal injury, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He supports me and my decision to go back to school. For awhile I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I got my high school diploma, and after taking care of my dad when he was sick in the hospital, I decide that I wanted to go into the medical field, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, Then I got to thinking and decide that I want to go into Respiratory because when my dad was in the hospital I got to help take care of him while he was on life support. My children and I have been through a lot the last couple of months. We became homeless, so my oldest son took us into his home until we can get back on our feet. I don’t know what I would do without my oldest son. He has a heart of gold for taking us into his home. My kids love the fact that I am going back to school for my high school diploma. My 10 year old is always trying to help me with my homework, but I tell him I got this. I want my high school diploma because I want to better my life for myself and my children. I want them to see that I went back to school for my education and so that I can have a good job to support them they way they need me to and so I don’t have to depend on anyone else to help me or my children. That is my job . My future plans and goals are to get my high school diploma and then go to college for Respiratory. Then I want to get married to my fiance and buy a home so that my children will never have to worry about where they are going to be living.

Our Next Top Chef?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  I am 43 years of age and of Hispanic descent.  I attended high school in the city Sylmar, CA.  I made it all the way to the 12th grade, but I dropped out in the second semester.  The reason for this decision was because of some family issues that I was going through at that time.  During that time frame I was involved in other things that took the focus off of me getting my high school diploma, where I now regret not being able to graduate from high school.
The reason that I am pursuing my high school diploma is because it would be something that I have never accomplished, and it would bring me great joy as an achievement that I have never had. Having my high school diploma is something that I have been trying to achieve for quite some time now, but I have not been able to because of financial situations beyond my control.
I believe that having my high school diploma would give me a better and brighter future, and it would open doors for me to be even more career minded and goal oriented.  As of right now I am focused on achieving those goals, and I have hopes and dreams on becoming successful, as well as being a productive citizen of this environment. Completing my high school diploma would also allow me to be able to attend college, and maybe even give me the opportunity to obtain a degree, which would open more doors to a better job.  My long term future plans are to become a top chef, and own and operate an upscale establishment.

I would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity of consideration in my request for Tuition Sponsorship. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you, and have a great day.