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Accreditation can determine whether or not a student's work will be accepted as transfer credits or as part of a college application. It's also the best indicator of a school's academic credibility. There are six regional accreditation boards (one of which being Middle States Association) that coordinate the review of educational programs.

Fully Accredited

Smart Schools is a fully accredited online private school providing jr. high and high school curriculum at an affordable price. All of our courses are fully online. Smart Schools is accredited by Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). MSA-CESS is an accrediting division that is regionally accredited. We also have international accreditation that allows for Smart Schools to educate international students in their national language.


Diploma Eligibility

Smart Schools offers diplomas for those students who graduate from our private school. For more information about this, contact us.

Smart Schools does grant diplomas. Homeschool students fulfill diploma requirements through our program. This provides acceptable credits toward furthering their education, transcripts, and assurance that the students meet the national core requirements for their high school diploma.